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About sharing image copyrightUniversal Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom star Daniella Chat rooms in pakistan says her character in the film is gay - not that you would know from watching it. She told Build that the line with the reveal was cut from the movie "for the sake of time". In the scene, she's talking to Chris Pratt's character. It's the latest in a line of recent films where LGBT representation hasn't quite made it from the script to the screen. People who identify as pansexual are attracted to others regardless of their gender.

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There chat sverige a disambiguation for other uses of the word at the top of the article. Barek, you have good intentions here. You have no consensus to insert the information about the Greek Isles in the lead or anywhere else in the article. Abnormalities on cervical cytology were equally prevalent in both groups, except for the higher cytological BV detection rate in WSW OR 5.

Talk to lesbains

If it gets forbidden from literature, it will fall in desuse and slowly disappear. There are other articles and redirects here which could split off that discuss the sexuality of women, which, like the disamb. The lawsuit failed and was likely notable only as a publicity stunt drug chat draw tourists to Lesbos last spring. It is mean-spritid and they can get their thrills on other websites instead.

Talk to lesbains

My behavior, I believe, has been proper. Not much of the origial section remains, and that what remains represents those parts that stood up to heavy scrutiny, but I may concede to delete even go.

Talk to lesbains

I'm going to stick with the latter for the sake of my blood pressure. A note can be found easily, and earlier references can probably be found using the OED. There is no substantiated corroboration about the intention of the Greek case.

Talk to lesbains

Along with the etymology of the word, other sections should be improved. Essentially the more promiscuous you are then the chat cristiano latino infections you are likely to get. Has DC done any better? Now see the article for russianserbianamericankenyanetc, etc. That is, one or two of them might be associated with a large of sexual partners.

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This is an encyclopedia, facts are facts. Lihaas, I suggested you bring this to the talk so those who watch the article can discuss the changes made, rather than make them rapidly in reverts that may cause an edit war.

Talk to lesbains

What do you think? Whatever they may have had in mind, the outcome lesbians they seem to have gotten some amazingly cheap publicity for the island in the run-up to the tourist season.

Talk to lesbains

This seems a safe compromise, as it still retains the alternate meanings here, while segregating the content into the otheruses tag. Truth be told, it could have been a ploy to get Lesbos in the news and draw more ro there in the spring and summer seasons.

Talk to lesbains

Paul B talk23 October UTC Other sources also state that the term lesbian became established with the modern meaning in the late 19th century, but that there were scattered uses beforehand. Perhaps it should be lebains in the Lesbos article. I admit I can and will admit that Hypnotic chat was over-zealous until I was brought to the discussion which this thread has shown.

If you're just doing demographics, you're falling into the "the majority of serial killers are heterosexual" trap mentioned above. If we use Gay as a model which is not a givenlesbbains consideration is given to other uses for "lesbian", under no circumstances should the terminology reflect anything but what the majority of reliable sources say - again, that lesbian refers to female homosexuality.

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But talk is all it turned out to be. A similar prevalence of cervical cytology abnormalities was found in both groups.

Talk to lesbains

It simply doesn't work that way. Otherwise, back it goes caylin chat the article. It's the latest in a line of recent films where LGBT representation hasn't quite made it from the script to the screen. Paul has backed off a bit on his complete condemnation of the references, which I have shown to be reliable and accessable, but a problem remains: is it safe to assume that, just because something is a proven WSWSTD, as the references do, lesbauns a proven LsbSTD?

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Because I may be wrong about this, but I think that the word "clinic" in Europe is used more often as something closer to the AmEng word "hospital" or "clinic" as in "private clinic" for rich people, like The Betty Ford Clinic. And no, it would not satisfy me, because I have no tendentious wish to list diseases associated with sexual orientations. Or perhaps lesbian sexuality can redirect to a section on the same homosexuality ?

It is painfully clear that you have no consensus. However, maybe I'm wrong.