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Deputy PM Aleksandar Vucic admitted that the amount of autonomy given to them under the accord was not ideal.

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There are allegedly car smuggling, narcotics and cigarette-smuggling rings operated by Albanian organized crime groups, as well as individuals seeking a get-rich-quick scheme to solve their financial troubles. The landmark deal was struck last month in Brussels.

Mitrovica chat

As long as NATO tries to protect the minorities in Kosovo, as they must under their mandate, they will find themselves in the middle. It amazed me how close they allowed me to get to these machines. Nude women chat two Serbs were killed in a rocket attack on a UN bus two weeks ago, one Albanian told me, "I don't approve of that, but I can't say I feel sorry for them.

The question is, how long will the international community commit itself to protecting a multi-ethnic Kosovo, and how long will the Albanian majority accept what they see as a dividing of Kosovo into mitrovica chat enclaves.

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So I, along with my translator, dashed to the safety of nearby buildings. Mr Vucic held talks in Mitrovica with officials of the four municipalities in northern Kosovo.

Mitrovica chat

Deputy PM Aleksandar Vucic admitted that the amount of autonomy given to them under the accord was not ideal. There are those who openly discuss a and chat Kosovo with Serbs and Albanians sharing power and ruling the province under some future framework. However, it concedes that Pristina has legal authority over the whole territory.

There are factions who will continue chatt fight and kill to terrorize them into fleeing. Mitrovica has become the symbol of divisions in Kosovo and jostar chat likely foster more and more violence in the months to come. It also makes it clear that some details have yet to be finalised. Please describe mitrovica chat scene, and tell us what it is like to cover a breaking event like that?

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I discovered there was even a Burger King on site. Others sell trinkets at markets or along the sidewalk. There are very serious ethnic differences that are not going to be solved overnight, perhaps not in a generation. The French and Russians, however, deny such sympathies.

Learn serbian in sremska mitrovica with the best: serbian courses a1-c2

Chat Moderator: You were in the divided Kosovo city of Mitrovica when fighting broke out there between rival Serb and ethnic Albanian factions. It is home to more than 3, troops, and can provide all their daily needs and recreation.

I was amazed at how many young Albanians were willing to run up to the bridge, despite the tear gas and the truncheon-wielding police, and hurl large chunks of concrete at the defending troops. Kosovo proclaimed its independence from Serbia in but Kosovan Serbs have refused to recognise cht government. But most must mitrovica chat a novel way to make money.

Mitrovicx the weekend, two French peacekeepers were wounded by sniper fire in the northern city of Kosovska Mitrovica. The agreement gives Kosovo's Serbs their own police and justice representatives within the Kosovan system. The Ibar River, which cuts Mitrovica in two, provides a convenient border between the two sides, one the Serbs feel they can protect.

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The deal is intended to normalise relations between the governments in Belgrade and Pristina. Steve Nettleton: The political situation is still unresolved. Do most people have things to do or they are mainly relying on outside aid? The night before, seven Albanians had been murdered by Serbs.

The anger of the mitroovica Albanians has hardened into a grim determination to expel the Serbs and any influence from Belgrade from their lives. The answer to that will determine how much peace and stability the world can expect in Kosovo.

"my rights were violated, and my soul hurt"

The chat was part of a series that examined the climate of Kosovo since the bombings in Yugoslavia by NATO forces, and the future prospects for peace. Steve Nettleton: Camp Bondsteel is an amazing place. When I was there, hundreds of ethnic Albanians gathered on the south side of the bridge, angry with the French peacekeepers that patrol Mitrovica. Kitrovica Nettleton: From what both Albanians and Serbs told me in Mitrovica, it doesn't seem likely mitrovixa mitrovica chat violence is going to decrease.

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The international police fear that many people are resorting to crime to survive. Nettelton participated in the chat from the CNN. Steve Nettleton: It seemed to me that Kosovo was, on the surface, much better off than I expected.